AC Milk Hydrolysate SF

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CODE 20530
PRODUCT NAMEAC Milk Hydrolysate SF
INCI NAMEHydrolyzed Milk Protein
USE LEVELS 1.0% - 5.0%
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AC Milk Hydrolysate is composed of milk proteins with a molecular weight of approximately 2,000 – 4,000 Da that were hydrolyzed using proteolytic enzymes to give enhanced functional and nutritional properties. There is increasing demand for these lower molecular weight hydrolyzed protein ingredients because they can provide specific nutritional properties for individuals with specialized dietary needs.  AC Milk Hydrolysate provides hydrolyzed milk proteins that are essential for enhancing moisture and can also help to reduce irritation caused by most surfactants. The proteins are isolated by membrane filtration and have excellent solubility and emulsifying properties.